Medical insoles

Medical insoles


Spenco Ironman Total Support Original insoles Sale Spenco Ironman Total Support Original insoles (60010)

The Spenco Ironman Total Support Original insoles provide advanced arch support and deep heel cupping to ensure of comfortable positioning. The 3-Pod cushioning system absorbs shock and impact helping to improve performance while stabilising the foot. The insoles can be used to provide stability and support to the foot during a range of sporting activities, which can help to improve athletic performance. By absorbing shock and impact in the forefoot and heel the Ironman total support insoles have been designed to stabilise and support the feet, while ensuring of total comfort. Featuring a stability cradle to provide enhanced arch support these Ironman insoles can help to reduce fatigue as well as pressure on the ankle, knee and hip. The total support insoles also feature an antimicrobial top cloth to prevent blisters and control odour.


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