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Ozone Elite Waterproof Warm up Emulsion (EL0040142) Ozone Elite Waterproof Warm up Emulsion (EL0040142) (EL0040142)

Enhanced waterproof warming effect

It combines the high performance properties of the Ozonized Warm up oil with a more intense thermal effect, ideal in particularly cold weather and unfavourable riding conditions such as rain, wind and fog. 
 Special for: cycling, water sports, soccer, skiing, athletics 150ml



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Ozone Elite Tone Cream (EL0040139) Sale Ozone Elite Tone Cream (EL0040139) (EL0040139)

For massages to relieve and oxygenate body muscles!

Body energy and tone – prepare for activity Special for: cycling, soccer, water sports, bodybuilding, track and field, gymnastics, skiing 150ml



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Ozone Elite Energy oil (0040138) Sale Ozone Elite Energy oil (0040138) (EL0040138)

For the preparation of the sporting activity! This oil is particularly rich in ozonized sunflower oil and is therefore ideal to prepare for a performance sport. Muscles for The oil immediately penetrates deep into the muscles so that the microcirculation is stimulated and the muscle tissues get extra oxygen. Designated for: cycling, gymnastics, sports, bodybuilding, athletics, football, skiing. Oil Bottle of 150 ml



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