Mako started life in 2008 through the passion and hard work of founder Jérémie Chapon and associate (and twice Olympian) Jessica Harrison. The first products they concentrated on were triathlon wetsuits with Jérémie deciding that the only way to find the perfect triathlon wetsuit would to be to create it. The objective was to create something completely new. To do that it was necessary to go off the beaten track and try not to be influenced by the products that were already available. That’s why they didn’t use any existing patterns, the idea being to create a new wetsuit from A to Z with the best materials for each price point and the most sophisticated cut possible. No marketing "bells and whistles" just race tested improvements. 14 athletes trusted Mako for their Olympic race and used the wetsuits in London, including Olympic champion Nicola Spirig.



Mako Nami full sleeve wetsuit black/red men Sale Mako Nami full sleeve wetsuit black/red men (131001)

The Mako Nami full sleeve wetsuit black/red men benefit form several of the technical advantages and improvements validated over the last few years on our top of the range models. The inside is entirely laminated with lycra for extra comfort and the forearms are equipped with the Shark Skin Grip. The suits' neoprene outer is 100% Yamamoto 39 SCS, making them both lighter (thus more buoyant) and more supple than many other wetsuits.



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