CO2 cartridges inner tubes

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CO2 cartridges inner tubes


XLAB X-nut holder XLAB X-nut holder (1204)

The XLAB X-nut holder allows you to attach and carry your XLAB mini pump and CO2 cartridges. The X-nut can be attached to an XLAB Carbon wing and Super wing. This makes inflating your tires a breeze. Mounts Inflation Kit on CARBON WING and SUPER WING Please note: mini pump and CO2 cartridges not included.


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XLAB Nanoflator mini pump XLAB Nanoflator mini pump (2194)

The XLAB Nanoflator mini pump is a fast, compact and lightweight mini pump to quickly inflate your tires. To quickly inflate your tire with CO2, simply screw on an Xlab Air strike CO2 cartridge and press the end onto your valve. Please note: CO2 cartridges not included.


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CO2 cartridges are used in conjunction with a special CO2 cartridge holder to quickly inflate a bicycle tire without pumping.

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