CarbonPro is an American manufacturer, who is totally committed to the environment and who has created an assortment of a bike cleaning and maintenance products that put the wellbeing of the cyclist as well as the bicycle at the heart of its mission. CarbonPro bike cleaning products are 100% bio-degradable, contain no aggressive toxic substances and are not tested on animals.

In order to ensure that cycling equipment remains in good condition and lasts a long time regular cleaning and maintenance are highly recommended. By protecting the frame, the parts, the chain etc. against UV rays for instance, as well as salt, sweat, water, corrosion and scratches that can damage carbon or aluminium, it is possible to extend the lifespan of your equipment considerably. CarbonPro Sports supplies an assortment of top-quality products that are ideal for weekly or daily cleaning and maintenance of your bike. CarbonPro Sports products are also highly recommended for degreasing, cleaning and oiling moving parts such as the chain, gears and acceleration device.

CarbonPro Sports offers a complete range of green label maintenance and protective products for your bike.



CarbonPro Wet Lite Lube 50ml 12% discount CarbonPro Wet Lite Lube 50ml (CP-10041)

The CarbonPro Wet Lite Lube 50ml is specifically designed to provide protection during wet conditions. This lubricant ensures that water does not penetrate into the rotating parts and therefore goes against corrosion.



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