Funky Trunks Black Tint training jammer swimming men Sale Funky Trunks Black Tint training jammer swimming men (FT37M70940)

This Funky Trunks Black Tint training jammer is perfect for regular training, it features flatlock stitching, comfortable leg opening, drawcord and rubber print Funky Trunks logo. It’s a popular choice for swimmers and triathletes and offers and extra layer of warmth in open water when a wetsuit isn’t an option. Black Tint:
Since all the phone companies make their awesome phones with fancy glass cases, we’ve always
believed that swimwear should be made from glass too. Our first attempt failed when we put the one-way glass the wrong way round, but our second attempt shows more promise. Bystanders can no longer look through your suit and the new shatter-proof glass means the suit won’t completely disintegrate when you dive in.



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